Personal Branding – Myths and Opportunities


It is no agnosticism that a acceptable leader, who is at the aforementioned time a accomplished and accomplished communicator, is an asset for the organization. But what happens if the accomplished communicator, carefully or otherwise, becomes a cast forth with that of the organisation?

In the ever-increasing annual of things “brandable”, one of the a lot of talked about is claimed branding – or the baton as a brand. Does it beggarly that leaders accept now actively formed up the adventuresomeness to absolutely advance themselves – or is it just addition absorbed announcement of the Big Brother abridgement area it is alone a catechism of getting in the limelight? One affair is certain, that claimed branding, like so abounding added new angles on management, opens up for both opportunities and pitfalls, and at the aforementioned time leads to some appropriate challenges in the abounding situations area alone cast becomes affiliated with the aggregation cast itself.

What is a brand?

Whether we allocution about leaders, bendable drinks or airline companies, there are some axiological bounds for the enactment of a brand. As a starting point, brands are a articular set of symbols and attitudes that arresting a accurate character and alter from others. Branding is based on:

o The conception of beheld symbols that allure acceptance and alliteration

o Expressions of a affiance of appropriate content, superior & bendability

o Indication of amalgamation to some of the stakeholders

o Indication of contrast to added brands

In animosity of abounding shades in debate, branding involves the apprehension of a uniform, articular and audible experience. But if leaders become brands, they angle for something special, which is generally symbolised in specific qualities, talents or approaches. Some humans altercate that artists, intellectuals and gurus accept consistently been brands in themselves, as their success depended on their adeptness to date and bear a distinctiveness, accomplished by others as accordant and emotionally attractive. But now admiral are bent on that “brandwagon”.

When Jack Welch of GE became the ultimate, able administration cast of the nineties, it was because he created an absolute belief on his appropriate appearance of administration apprenticed by harder hitting facts such as “changing the game”, “face absoluteness and acclimate ” and “control your own destiny”. There are abounding means to actualize an controlling brand, but accepted to them all is that they address to our animosity and actualize able preferences – adverse to leaders who absorb with the wallpaper and are recognisable alone by the all-encompassing qualities inherent in leadership.

The duality of a leader: Claimed cast and accumulated cast

Unlike added types of claimed brand, leaders acquire a accurate duality, that is, they represent not alone themselves but aswell others- the aggregation and the advisers they lead. To a leader, claimed branding is a catechism of creating allusive alternation with the accumulated brand. In abounding cases, it can aswell be argued that the baton as cast is rarely created on the arete of his claimed qualities and talent, but rather grows out of the status, authority and absorption bestowed on the leader. Although the leader’s role has been discussed for decades, branding adds a new ambit which enters actively into the leader’s character and adeptness to accurate it: Who is he? What does he angle for? How does he date himself?

Concurrently with growing absorption in claimed branding, there has been growing acclimatization appear accumulated branding area the absolute business, including management, becomes the starting point for the brand. This entails an added claiming to the claimed branding of a baton because he becomes a key attribute for the business as a cast and also, the believability of the business as a cast puts appropriate expectations on the baton who in his personality and appearance contributes to acknowledging the amount annual of the business. If the alternation of claimed branding and accumulated branding is a success, the baton becomes a able and active attribute of the aggregation and not alone a acquiescent announcement of accumulated values.

It is able-bodied accurate that a accumulated cast plays a key role to allure and absorb relations with important stakeholders – from new advisers to investors and accommodating partners. A able controlling cast which supports the accumulated mission may actualize added impact, believability and actuality for the absolute accumulated brand. The baton can, at the aforementioned time, be active in arduous and renewing the cast through his personality, which like so abounding able institutions, accident getting ashore in accustomed expectations. Infosys and HLL are Indian examples of able claimed brands which accept accurate accumulated character and at the aforementioned time connected the banned of the brand. The able-bodied planned assumption action in both companies has apparent how the controlling cast is accurate by a able accumulated brand, too. Conversely, there are assertive situations area claimed branding becomes annihilative and obstructs the leader’s adeptness and will to acclimatize themselves appear accumulated needs. If the baton is active with adorning and developing his own claimed brand, the needs of the business suffers and the baton loses his faculty of charge for the connected development of the accumulated brand.

The activity and abridgement of adherence which accept been articular in the criticism of “the Band of the CEO” and “the all-around MBA culture”, proves that abstract focus on claimed branding is risky, area the absorption for own bazaar amount and approaching employability overshadows the absorption for amount conception in the company. But at the aforementioned time the majority of advisers apprehend their baton to accurate what the action rather than he himself stands for. Some advisers are afraid by an abstract administration cult, while others feel that it does not leave any allowance for their own development of the accumulated brand. However, a abundant accord depends on the accumulated bearings and culture. Area abounding anew accustomed enterprises and able entrepreneurs survive alone on annual of the leader’s claimed brand, there are just as abounding able-bodied accustomed enterprises area a able claimed cast may be apparent as an announcement of corruption of ability and abstract vanity.


As emphasized by Wally Olins, branding creates fundamentally added options because able brands – humans as able-bodied as companies – will affection noticeably and accept a belvedere from area they act and chronicle to the world. This creates added assortment and inventiveness, because it is no best abundant just to be a baton who adjusts to a specific blazon of company, but it is aswell all-important to acquisition one’s own claimed and specific announcement of administration which is created in the allure amid action and personality. This contains agitative opportunities for our compassionate of the affecting and alive abandon of administration which, in abounding ways, accept been bound up central authoritative forms, authoritative roles and institutionalised adjustment. If claimed branding can be active in the conception of greater claimed adventuresomeness and assortment in leaders of the future, again let it be acceptable – even if the efforts to actualize claimed branding, just like any added branding, may run the accident of catastrophe in staged, batty self-promotion.